The Stairwell EP

by Darryl Rahn

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Recorded live in a stairwell in Boston, MA
December 2012


released February 13, 2013

Words and Music by Darryl Rahn
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Mark Eckert



all rights reserved


Darryl Rahn Utica, New York

"When someone can captivate you with just a voice and a guitar they're doing something right.

- Brian Rosenworcel of Guster

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Track Name: Jamie (Where Have You Gone)
In the darkness, I’ve fallen
Right in between
A rock and the hardest
Place I could dream
But I don’t think I want to
Fall right back
Inside of a love
That didn’t try to last

But where have you gone?
Where have you gone?
If I was in the wrong
Then so long, so long

Jamie, where’s your heart tonight?
Jamie, have you lost your mind?
Jamie, come back to life
No more, no more
I can’t take no more
Of this, I’m sure

And I want to see you
Like I did before
But that’s not going to happen
Not anymore
Because Jamie you took
A whole separate path
And now I won’t
Follow in your tracks

Jamie, I won’t let you fall
Jamie, I won’t even call
Jamie, I’ve left it
Jamie, I’ve left it all behind
Track Name: October Twenty
Have you ever seen in me
What I’ve always seen in you?
Are you wondering the same things that I do?

I would show you any place
That you’d ever want to go
Tell me, would you even want to go?

How does it feel
Knowing that it’s real
When we say goodbye?
And not just for the nighttime
Maybe for a lifetime
I can not decide

A friend of mine is on his way
In a plane with his suitcase
Going down to meet you in the city

But I could sing for you
Write down everything for you
Do my best to strum up some good melody

But what’s the use in trying?
Fears are multiplying
With every thought of you
And what good is it lying?
Cellophane and crying
I can see right through
But I’m not lying to you

And have you ever felt in me
What I’ve always felt in you?
Do you wonder what I say when you are gone?
Well I would tell you every word
I would want you to know
Tell me, would you even really want to know?
Track Name: Say It Loud
Something's coming after me
that's the way it always seems
someone's gotta set me free
or make you see what I can see

You start to close your eyes
then you slowly start to realize
that you're killing me inside
when all I want is you to speak your mind

You whisper softly in my ear
nothing comes out clearly now

Your options, you can weigh them
your opinions, you can say them
if you say them loud
don't be scared of what comes around
just say it loud along the way
say it loud

So none of this lip reading, mind reading bull
I just want to cut to the chase
because he said this, she said that
all the rest is such a waste
Track Name: Puzzle
Darling, take your shoes off
Take your shoes off before you walk inside
Let me
Let me know that
Let me know that you’re staying this time

And the puzzle pieces, they don’t fit
So I’ll throw them away
Day by day
Throw them away
Until there’s nothing left to say
My darling, we were too late

Darling, shake your blues off
Shake your blues off until they’re dead and gone
Then maybe
You can make me
You can make me forget what you have done
Maybe not

Darling, put your shoes on
Put your shoes on before you walk outside
Let me
Let me know that
Let me know that it’s real this time
Track Name: Nothing's Changed At All
Last night was a night of revery
More about you, and less about me
It seems like that’s the way it’s going to be
And you told me that you strongly agree

But you know better than that
And you’ve known better all along

Sometimes you need that change to find
Nothing’s changed at all
Nothing at all

I thought that I had found the missing link
Before I found out these ships were built to sink
And you mean more to me than you might think
If only I told you that a long time ago

And you have fallen apart
But you’ve fallen harder before

Sometimes you need that change to find
Nothing’s changed at all
Nothing at all

Sometimes you need that change